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yousyouk said: i literally would walk over there right now for mutual cuddles but i’m in too much of a state to leave the room

tomorrow, we shall meet tomorrow for mutual cuddles, for at least and hour, with blankets and hot water bottles and a stupid movie

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I hate writing applications, i fucking hate it 

Posted 1 day ago

got some snazzy wool today! :) teaching myself how to knit, its just such a cool colour wool, and OMG SPARKLES!!!!

Posted 1 week ago

going home for the weekend to see my kitty, i miss her so much :’(

Posted 2 weeks ago

argh i’m so disappointed, i was all ready to go out and play some rugby, i even put my fucking contacts in which i hate wearing but its not on today :( oh well, now i have lots of time to get some washing and work done

Posted 3 weeks ago

wifi in my room! /doesahappydance

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keep-it-lo-ki replied to your post:keep-it-lo-ki replied to your post:I have WIFI in…

fleet is stuck in some sort of time warp that means whenever i think of uni time slows but whenever i think of skyrim time speeds by so fast

aw, you going this weekend?

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keep-it-lo-ki replied to your post:I have WIFI in my kitchen!!!! woop woop!!!! and…

hello friend how’s bath?

Bath is lovely :D I met a few people from my course today and they were really nice and I met a guy from college doing the same course as me, and everything is great, the halls are lovely and everything is just, yeah great :D

how is fleet?

Posted 3 weeks ago

I have WIFI in my kitchen!!!! woop woop!!!!

and no one else is here so i can go online, wooooooo!!!!