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wifi in my room! /doesahappydance

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keep-it-lo-ki replied to your post:keep-it-lo-ki replied to your post:I have WIFI in…

fleet is stuck in some sort of time warp that means whenever i think of uni time slows but whenever i think of skyrim time speeds by so fast

aw, you going this weekend?

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hello friend how’s bath?

Bath is lovely :D I met a few people from my course today and they were really nice and I met a guy from college doing the same course as me, and everything is great, the halls are lovely and everything is just, yeah great :D

how is fleet?

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I have WIFI in my kitchen!!!! woop woop!!!!

and no one else is here so i can go online, wooooooo!!!!

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Cat, cross stitching and Buffy the vampire slayer, not a bad way to spend Friday night

Posted 1 month ago

I GOT INTO UNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually crying in relief right now!

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10 bites in 2 days, I think that may be a new record for me, now my legs are all horrible and itchy and blotchy but I need to wear my shorts ‘cause it’s fucking hot and just bleh :( the weather is fab I just wish it was about 10 degrees cooler

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guess who’s booked to see the crucible with richard armitage?

thats right its this girl

woop woop!

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never mind they taste disgusting, never using that recipe again then

Posted 2 months ago

my cakes all sank :’(

oh well they might taste nice :)